Oh, the joys of the holiday season! Hearts are full with gratitude, bellies are full of cookies, and the air itself seems bursting with magic. In this festive season of warm wishes and glad tidings, there's always that one gift that you just can't quite explain. So, you pass it along to someone else who... Continue Reading →

Tri-North Announces Strategic Expansion of Nova Division

Fitchburg, WI -- Tri-North, an award-winning, full-service commercial construction management company based in Fitchburg, WI, is pleased to announce the strategic expansion of their Nova division. Nova is an experience design group specializing in custom design solutions that translate their clients' unique brand stories into the built environment. Tom Thayer, President & CEO of Tri-North... Continue Reading →

How Tri-North Supports Employees with Young Children

It’s not news that the cost of early childcare in the United States is incredibly high. According to, the national average for in-center care is around $10,000 annually. Here in Wisconsin, we’re well above the national average. And in Dane County where our headquarters is located, it’s totally normal for parents of a child... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas 2017

Santa and the Tri-North elves are back at it again this year! This time, they’re joined by some construction industry friends on a festive commute to work…carpool caroling style! We here at Tri-North wish you all a safe and happy holiday season! Enjoy the 2017 Christmas video! Portions of this video were shot on a... Continue Reading →

TNB Steppers Vol. 2

In August of 2016, Tri-North kicked off our first company-wide elective step challenge aimed at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. During the five week period, the Tri-North steppers logged a collective total of 31,687,432 steps! That’s over 15,843 miles! This summer, over 75 employees, spouses, significant others, and children are participating in the second... Continue Reading →

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