Merry Christmas

Last year, the Tri-North helper elves performed a special rendition of Oh Christmas Tree with the help of a crane. This year, a certain elf left his post on the shelf to keep an eye on our team before reporting to the boss. We here at Tri-North wish you all a safe and happy holiday... Continue Reading →

Tequila for Tatas

  What do you think of when you hear the words “breast cancer?” Do you think of October because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Do you think of pink ribbons? Chemotherapy and radiation? Survivors? Fighters? I know what I think of, or rather, who I think of. I think of Ann. I think of... Continue Reading →

Tri-North Team Members Voted Industry Newsmakers!

From Young Professional to Lifetime Achievement: Tri-North Team Members Voted Industry Newsmakers! What an honor! Tri-North was just awarded two 2016 Newsmakers of the Year Awards by Daily Reporter.  President & CEO, Tom Thayer and Senior Project Manager, Jared McDaniel will both be recognized at the Daily Reporter Newsmakers of the Year awards ceremony on... Continue Reading →

Tri-North Steppers: Part One

Tri-North Steppers: Part One by Thomas Thayer Something new is afoot (pun intended) here at Tri-North this month. We’re in the middle of an elective step competition among our team members. Our goal is simple: to be more active. Yes, even in the construction industry, plenty of us could use a little extra motivation to... Continue Reading →

Combating Workforce Shortage with Fun

Combating Workforce Shortage with Fun by: Patrick Stern In construction, engineering, and design, we have a problem. Since the Great Recession ended, there has been a sharp uptick in the volume of work for every segment of the industry. But that uptick has been severely limited by the shortage of skilled labor. Roofers aren’t able to... Continue Reading →

Video Marketing in Construction

I have seen a lot evolve over the last nine years that I have been the VP of Marketing for Tri-North. So, how do you market a construction company? Well, that’s my little secret. But, what I will talk about a bit is content marketing and specifically how and why Tri-North uses video as an integral part of our marketing strategy. If you haven’t seen our latest video just posted today on St. Patrick’s Day, here it is for your enjoyment.

Cutting The Ribbon, Our New Website

Tri-North Builders, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a new website that combines the latest technologies with improved organization and content. Visitors can explore Tri-North’s most recent projects, many of which feature eye catching aerial drone video along with professional photography.

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